It certainly has its privileges.

Being a member means that you are now in contact with the thousands of salons, spas, and mobile businesses who helped us create and perfect our training. We’ve interviewed contouring specialists, competition tanners, bridal consultants, and spray tan tycoons to give you the highest chance of success.

Being a member means being a part of our team: No other company in the world has been offering training as long as we have, and no other spray tan company in the world has the support that we offer. Confused about technique? Need some marketing advice? Give us a call, shoot us an email, or drop by on Facebook or our homepage’s Livechat and we’ll answer whatever questions you have, and probably some you didn’t even know to ask.

Simply put, being a member of Aviva Labs means that you now have access the best spray tan training on the planet.


  • Business-building seminar where you’ll create the framework for becoming a Certified Spray Tan Professional
  • Great tips, tricks, advice, and the newest information about spray tanning
  • How to determine which solution is right for your client
  • How to duplicate the success of our biggest salons & spas
  • How to create and maintain an entirely new family of loyal clients
  • Watch a spray tan demonstration performed by our tanning professional
  • Access to our continuously updated “Minute Modules”, covering a huge range of different topics